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Top 3 Best Ptc Sites

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  • Ads: ~20 ads per day that pays $0.001-$0.015 per click.
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  • Ads: ~10 per day, click rate $0.001-$0.02.
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  • Payout: Minimum $8 for standard members, to PayPal or AlertPay.
  • Chance to win $5 every day.
  • Referrals: $0.0002-$0.008 per click. Unlimited number of referrals. 
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  • Ads: ~30 ads per day that pays $0.001-$0.005 per click.
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  • Payout: Minimum is $8 to AlertPay and $18 if cashing out to PayPal.
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  • Get paid to watch videos, sign up for offers and complete surveys.
  • Referrals: Earn 50% on all earnings - up to $0.0025 for referral clicks.
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